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Archaeology in Asuka 2012: Results of Excavations carried out in 2012

' Archaeology in Asuka 2012: Results of Excavations carried out in 2012 '

2013 February 2 (Saturday) 〜March 3 (Sunday) *Closed on February 4, 8, 12, 25.
At the Special Exhibition Room in Asuka historical Museum

Admission fee  Adults: 260 yen
               Collage students: 130 yen,
               High school students and under 18: free

Organized by Asuka Historical Museum, The Kashihara Archaeological Research Institute, Asuka Village Board of Education Cooperation with Kashihara City Board of Education, Takatiri Town Board of Education

In the exhibition we introduce the results of archaeological excavations carried out in Asuka area. For example, detailed data about the Crypt was was obtained by the resumed survey of Kitora-kofun, and in the excavation of Asukakyo-ato-enchi Site reserchers found stone bank piled higher than 3 meters to protect the garden pond. We also would like to pay attention to recent investigations about cultural trace of immigrants from the continent in this area, such as findings from Youraku Kansuzuka-kofun in Takatori town.

Main exhibits

Archaeological objects from the crypt of Kitora-kofun
Tricolor-glazed vessel from Sakata-dera Temple Site
Pottery from Asukakyo-ato-enchi Site
Roof-tiles, and Pottery from Asuka-dera-seihou Site
Pottery from Shobuike-kofun
Harness, Fishhook and Pottery from Youraku Kansuzuka-kofun

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Open 9:00 to 16:30 (Ticket 16:00)
Entrance fee:
Adults 260yen Students 130yen children free

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