Kashihara-shi, Kume

Since olden times this temple has been confused with the Okuyama Kumedera (see below), and the circumstances of its founding are unclear. Tile designs suggest that the temple was likely already in existence in the latter half of the 7th century. It is known to have flourished during the early Heian period. Remains include a rarely seen assemblage of boulders used as foundation stones for the pagoda. Atop the site of the original pagoda there rises a tahoto-style pagoda moved there during the Momoyama period ( Late 16th century).
    (by Kakinomoto-no-Hitomaro)

    By Karu road Whose name recalls sky-flying [wild geese]
    Was the village of my love
    With fond attachment I yearned to visit there
    Yet if I went too many times. unceasingly
    People's eyes would be too many
    And surely they would come to know.
    So I pinned my hopes as to a great ship
    Expecting that, Like vines of the sane-kazura
    Though parting, surely we should meet again
    And longed for her only in secret
    As in an iridescent rock-pent pool
    When. as if the sun in crossing
    Had gone into darkness
    And the shining moon had hidden in clouds
    A messenger, with catalpa wand. reported saying
    That my sweetheart, who had bent to me
    Like the yielding seaweed in offshore waters
    Had like a colored autumn leaf
    Passed on and was no more.
    Hearing the sound of this sudden report
    I was at a loss for what to say or do
    But hearing that voice I could not stay
    And hoping there might be some human feeling
    To allay even the thousandth part of my longing
    I Left for the Karu market
    That my sweetheart always came to see
    But standing to listen, there wasn't heard even
    The crying of birds on Unebi hill
    And not a single person walked the road
    Who even looked like her
    So seeing nothing else to do
    I only called my sweetheart's name
    And waved my sleeve

    Man'yoshu 207

    To seek my love who has lost her way
    In colored leaves
    Too densely grown on an autumn hill
    Which mountain trail to take
    I do not know

    Man'yoshu 208


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